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Quality fuel accessible; but costly – Senyo Hosi

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, Senyo Hosi, has said it is possible for Ghana to be supplied with ‘safe’ fuel but the process will come at extra cost to country. Speaking on Eyewitness News, Senyo Hosi said “you don’t just change standards in a country, it can have implications...there is a logistical constraint. If Ghana wants to go the spec that we are looking for, the product is accessible but it also comes at a premium”.

He noted that, Ghana, which currently shares oil vessel with Nigeria, will no longer have that advantage since the country would have to incur extra cost for a dedicated vessel to reduce the part per million (ppm) sulphur in its fuel. He explained that, “Because we share the same spec of diesel with Nigeria, a huge vessel could just move out of Europe and the cost per metric ton of a liter to business and the consumer will become minimal when Ghana alone moves, you will just have a dedicated [vessel] coming just for Ghana and other compartments separately; so the cost for Ghana goes up a little more. If we are willing to bear that cost that is not a problem” According to a report published by Public Eye, a Swiss-based NGO, which is partner to Ghana’s ACEP, some European companies have been shipping toxic diesel to many African countries including Ghana. The report revealed that, the diesel samples contained up to 378 times more sulphur than is permitted in Europe.

But according to Mr. Hosi, the report must not cause fear and panic since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has not advised on whether or not the reported diesel quality was extremely dangerous. He said although it was necessary Ghana complies with the best practices, the country’s progress from 1,000-ppm to 2,000-ppm must be appreciated. According to him, the process will require standardization from stakeholders including Ghana’s standardization bodies, policy makers as well as other bodies operating within continent.


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