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NPA launches 2019 ‘People Safety First’ campaign


Chief executive of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Hassan Tampuli, has officially launched the organisation’s 2019 “People Safety First” campaign, an initiative launched to raise awareness for safety protocols in the petroleum sector.

Read his speech made at the NPA’s head office Tuesday below:

The Deputy Minister for Energy, Hon. Joseph Cudjoe (MP)

Colleague CEOs of other Sector Agencies;

The Chief Executive Officer, Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors;

The Industry Coordinator and Chairman, Association of Oil Marketing Companies;

Captains of Industry;

Friends from the media; and

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, good morning and welcome.

On behalf of the Management and staff of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), it is my pleasant duty as the Chief Executive Officer to warmly welcome you all to the launch of the 2019 National Petroleum Safety Campaign, under the Theme: “PEOPLE SAFETY FIRST.”

The Safety Campaign was first launched in October 2017 and is intended to raise awareness for the adherence to safety protocols in the petroleum downstream industry, and to educate the public on their role in preventing fires at all petroleum installations and other locations in the country. One of the key activities of the Campaign is the signing of the Safety Declaration Placard by Chief Executives of Oil Marketing Companies at the start of each year which is why you have been invited to demonstrate your commitment to operate safely throughout the year.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, some unfortunate accidents have happened in the past due in part to either unavoidable accidents or negligence on the part of the handlers of the equipment and installations resulting in the loss of precious lives: The explosions at atomic junction here in Accra and Krofrom gas explosion in Kumasi among others, are some of the unfortunate examples we are determined to address.  These accidents have necessitated the rolling out of an intensified Inspection and Monitoring activities by the Authority to ensure Health, Safety, Security and Environment standards are strictly adhered to. Additionally, the Authority will operationalize its Centre of Excellence this year to among others, provide capacity building for various operators in the industry to enhance their skills and knowledge in the safe handling of petroleum products.

Distinguished invited guests, the NPA views this trend as worrying and is intensely working to raise awareness on the Television, Radio and various media outlets on safe ways of handling petroleum products to curb injuries and deaths from LPG, Petrol, Premix and other petroleum related fires. 

It is significant to note that following the unfortunate LPG explosion incident at the Atomic Junction and in line with Cabinet’s decision to implement the Cylinder Recirculation Model, the Authority undertook a risk assessment exercise of all LPG Refilling Plants across the country. The exercise took into consideration the siting, engineering, equipment conditions, safety management systems, staff and facility management, materials and fabrication of the LPG stations.

Distinguished invited guests, friends from the media; let me emphasize that at the end of the exercise, 510 out of the 659 translating to 77.4 percent of LPG stations inspected nationwide were classified as high risk stations, 115 medium risk stations and the remaining 34 stations recorded as low risk.

What this means is that all these high risk stations will subsequently be converted into cylinder distribution centers under the Cylinder Recirculation Model. They will no longer be permitted to fill cylinders or autogas when the CRM fully rolls out. Low risk stations will however be considered for autogas refilling centres only with improved standards.   

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and gentlemen; the NPA as the Regulator of the petroleum downstream industry expects that the public understands the risks and dangers of not using petroleum products safely and discouraging any unconventional use of the products without seeking expert advice.

We therefore urge the general public to adhere to the safety precautions being propagated. Please note that safety is a shared responsibility.

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Guests and participants, Ladies and Gentlemen: I wish to conclude with the hope that, at the end of the day, each participant here shall remain committed to the task of  working hard to ensure petroleum safety becomes the tie that binds our collective interest for a safer, secure and explosion free sector.  

On that note, on behalf of the Authority, I once again welcome all of you to our 2019 National Petroleum Safety Campaign and wish you a pleasantly fruitful day.

May the good Lord bless you all.

Thank you very much.


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