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IML wins maiden inter-departmental quiz

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Friday the 30th October, 2015 witnessed the first ever Inter-departmental quiz organized by the National Petroleum Authority for its staff. This initiative was intended to test the knowledge of the staff with respect to various topics ranging from the NPA Act, history of the NPA, general knowledge, and current affairs on the activities of the downstream petroleum sector.

Being the first of its kind, the quiz was held in the conference room of the Authority, the outer wing and was well received by staff. This exercise was geared to educate staff, encourage healthy competition, team building and also be a source of entertainment.

Prior to the date of the event, a committee comprising a representative from each department was set up to determine the expectations of the quiz. The morale behind involvement of reps from all departments was to prevent issues of bias and favoritism. They were charged with setting questions for the quiz, nominating a time and store keeper, organizing balloting in the selection of slots for the departments and divisions as well as setting the rules and regulations for the event.

ncourage healthy competition, team building and also be a source of entertainment.

The buildup to the quiz was a good time to be a member of any department. Nominated participators could be seen reading and preparing themselves psychologically and emotionally for the day. Department members also motivated and boosted the morale of their reps into winning. Some over confident ones even went as far as confirming they had already won (little did they know!).


The day finally arrived and the atmosphere was purely competitive and ‘love’ for respective departments so obvious. Some departments ushered in their contenders amidst drumming and singing. But only fate would decide who really deserved the ‘Champions’ title. Everyone got settled and the quiz started at about 1.30pm and ended at 5.00pm. It was indeed grueling and exciting. Departments got dropped one after the other until there was just three left for the finale. These three were the Inspectorate Licensing and Monitoring, Public Relations/Chief Executives Office and Human Resource/ Legal departments. It became very edgy in the conference room as some ‘fallen out’ departments chose sides to support amongst the remaining three.


After all that was said and done, there emerged a winner and what an uproar it was when it all ended. Winners were the cheers, singing and dancing all depicted the very dire benefits that the quiz intended to achieve. The IML department emerged winners with the PR/CE and HR/Legal departments taking second and third places respectively. The winners and second placed were awarded a trophy and medals each whereas the third placed only got medals. An undisclosed amount of money was also awarded to all three finalists.

In the end, it could be confidently said that the maiden edition of the quiz was a complete success and would pave pay for more to come. It was a good day to be a staff of the NPA.

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