Tuesday, 18 October 2016 11:37

Fuel prices have not been increased - NPA dismisses

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) says reports that fuel prices have been increased should be disregarded as the story has no basis.

The Authority in a press released Tuesday said an 11 percent price increase reported on some online platforms are misleading.

Some online news portals carried a story yesterday referring to a statement by the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana which claimed consumers are to expect between 8 and 11 percent increase effective October 16, 2016.

“Diesel prices have seen an increase of between 8 and 11 percent on current ex-pump prices while petrol prices have seen between 3 and 5 percent across most Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BDCs) and Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs)”, a statement from the Chamber said.

Executive Secretary of the Chamber Duncan Amoah, who reportedly signed the statement explained that  “the current increases are largely attributed to the sharp increases in the world market prices as the cedi has been relatively stable over the past two weeks.”

The Chamber  said  consumers should expect the increase to reflect at the pump soon, but the NPA wants this reported to be ignored.

The Authority wants consumers to rely on the NPA's website or check publications of retail prices of the Oil Marketing Companies.

"Where in doubt, consumers and the media should check with NPA’s website or the bi-weekly publications of retail prices of OMCS published in the Daily Graphic, the Ghanaian Times and the Gazette by the Assembly Press for accurate information on the retails of fuel by OMCs"

."The Authority encourages consumer....not rely on the data from any group of persons who purport to project fuel prices which always turns out to be poor and inaccurate" the Authority's Head of Public Relations Yaro Kasambata said.


Credit: myjoyonline.com

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