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Registration of PSPs
In line with provisions of Act 691, the IML dept maintains an up-to-date register of all PSPs licensed by the Authority. Some of the information listed in the database include the following:
Category of PSP, Name and address of Company and Managing Director, License no., validity of license etc

Guidelines/Regulations for PSPs
Other documents under preparation include LPG Regulations and Codes of Practice as well as comprehensive Regulations for Act 691 relating to the design, construction of installations, operation and maintenance of petroleum infrastructure.

These documents are prepared in collaboration with other stakeholders such as the Ghana Standards Board, Environmental Protection Agency, Ghana National Fire Service, etc.

Checklists and Licensing frameworks
The IML department has developed a number of checklists used for the inspections of the facilities of PSPs. These checklists are periodically reviewed and updated as and when necessary.
Various licensing frameworks have been developed for the various categories of PSPs. These are also periodically reviewed and updated as and when necessary

Inspections of facilities of PSPs
The IML regularly inspects the facilities of the various Petroleum Service Providers to ensure their operations conform to best practices in the industry.
The inspections are conducted using inspection checklists developed by the IML Dept. Specifically, the inspections cover the following:
General Information of the PSP e.g. name, location, Date of commission etc.
Technical Requirements
Regulatory Requirements
Infrastructure Requirements
Waste Management and Storage Disposal
House keeping
Pollution Prevention and Controls
Occupational health and Safety etc

Following the inspections, licenses are issued to Companies that obtain at least 60% of the inspection scores. The grading is as follows:
Grade A (80-100%): License issued
Grade B (60-79%): License issued (shortcomings to be addressed within 2 mths)
Grade C (50-59%) : License suspended until shortcomings addressed within 3 mths
Grade D (Below 50%): Facility to be closed down or decommissioned

Compliance Monitoring of PSPs
The IML conducts monitoring of PSPs that have been previously inspected to ensure they have addressed all shortcomings identified during the earlier inspection. Results of the inspections will determine whether a license will be issued to the company , or suspended or revoked.
Furthermore, the department also conducts random monitoring of the PSPs to ensure they comply with all the required regulations.

Investigations of Quality/Quantity of Petroleum Products
The IML department, in collaboration with the Ghana Standards Boards, engages in periodic monitoring of the quality of petroleum products offered for sale to the customer at the various petroleum products retail outlets in the country. This is to ensure that the quality of products are devoid of adulteration and meet the required specification.

Investigations on Quality/Quantity of Petroleum Products
Additionally, the quantity of products being offered is assessed to ensure that the customer is not cheated. The NPA has collaborated with the GSB in this regard to develop a standard 10L measuring can called "Nteasee kuruwaa" to check the quantity of products dispensed at the retail outlets.

Offences and Penalties
The Authority has in place penalties for various offences committed under provisions of this Act. These are to ensure conformity to stipulated standards of performance as well as to instill discipline in the industry. There are penalties for various offences such as constructing/operating a petroleum product retail outlet without a permit or license, under-delivery of products, non-conformity to standards of performance etc.

The IML Department plays a very significant role in ensuring that the objectives of the NPA are achieved. Additionally, the Department collaborates and shares relevant information with other departments of the Authority such as the UPPF, PPR and Accounts Dept for effective and smooth operations


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